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Cherubs Class

Miss Alona &   Miss Kenna
Miss Chandler 

The Cherubs class welcome our 3 year old children who are fully potty trained, into the world of preschool. We focus on creating a warm, loving environment where children can learn to say "bye" to their parents and work on social skills and emotional development. Our academic goals  are taught through a play based curriculum that includes shapes, colors, letter recognition, number recognition and counting. The children also learn their phonic sounds with the Zoophonics program. We instill an understanding of who God is, that He created us, and that He loves us all. We teach the children about God's forgiveness as we work on social skills. 

Miss Alona and Miss Kenna teach the Cherubs class in the morning, and Miss Chandler comes in as the nap teacher in the afternoon. In the morning Miss Alona and Miss Kenna allow the children to learn through play based academics and art! They love to use the kids art projects to brighten up the room! They do a fantastic job at sharing the love of Christ with these amazing kids. 

Miss Chandler and the cherubs have a blast in the afternoon singing songs, playing games and learning about Jesus!

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