Angels Class 

Miss Sasha, 
Miss Mahala & Miss Nikki

Our Angels class is the newest addition to the Lion & Lamb campus. This is our second 3 year old classroom. Children must also be fully potty trained to attend this class. The Angels will build social and emotions skills through learning routine and mastering transitions. They will work on self management as they rotate through centers in the classroom while also doing hands on projects and activities. They will gain academic skills in numbers, letter recognition and phonic sounds. They will master shapes and colors. Most importantly they will gain an understanding of who God is, and the love He has for us. They will learn and demonstrate Christian values such as forgiveness and compassion for others, just as Christ has for us. 

Miss Mahala and Miss Sasha start our day with the Angels as our morning teachers. Miss Nikki takes the lead at nap and through the afternoons. 


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